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Russian Lab Diamonds is a division of Haywood House, Inc.  Founded in 1991, we have been part of creating history year after year by bringing the newest and most innovative technology involving quality jewelry to customers around the world.  Breakthroughs in science allow us to bring a product to you that rivals the quality of expensive mined diamonds at a fraction of the cost.  Our Russian Lab Diamond jewelry line expands frequently to remain current with the most recent trends and innovations.

Exceeding the beauty and brilliance of ordinary mined diamonds, Russian Lab Diamonds’ written lifetime warranty speaks to the consistent superior quality and craftsmanship of our product.

To the thousands of satisfied customers worldwide who have purchased and enjoyed Russian Lab Diamonds, we offer our heartfelt thanks.  It is with you in mind that we daily endeavor to provide new designs, competitive prices, and exceptional customer service. 

Russian Lab Diamonds

What to expect from your Russian Lab Diamond purchase:

  • The finest quality man-made stones available today.  Russian Lab Diamonds never fade, cloud, discolor, or lose their brilliance. 
  • Superior craftsmanship, exquisite design, and superb quality jewelry.
  • A warranty that stands behind your Russian Lab Diamond for a lifetime.

Before and after every sale, rest assured that we have the most knowledgeable and caring customer service representatives ready to educate and guide you through your Russian Lab Diamond purchase.
Why Choose Russian Lab Diamonds?
Thousands of real thinkers, people just like you, who make intelligent choices every day about how to spend their money are making a change.  You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on beautiful jewelry to get something that will last a lifetime.  Russian Lab Diamonds, the most technologically advanced diamond simulants in the world were created visually and physically perfect, and more beautiful than any mined diamond you have ever seen.  Choose the wisdom of value over the high-cost games played by the jewelry industry.  You don’t have to compromise on quality or value.  With Russian Lab Diamonds, you can have it all!



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